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Accessibility Articles & Essays

1. An Introduction To Accessible Web Design (Page 1 of 2)
I will be introducing the concepts surrounding accessible Web Design, the current initiatives to increase the accessibility of Web sites and the guidelines that you can use to make your site more accessible. ...

2. An Introduction To Accessible Web Design (Page 2 of 2)
A number of groups around the world are working on increasing awareness and helping authors of accessible Web sites. These include the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the US Government and CAST/Watchfire....

3. The Growing Importance of Accessible Websites
An article highlighting how important accessibility on the Internet is becoming for everyone. The article provides an introduction to Web Accessibility, as well as discussing its benefits and the potential for legal action ...

4. A World Outside the US
The vast majority of websites selling products or services online are doing so almost exclusively with the US market in mind. If you truly want to sell your products to the rest of the world, chances are that you'll need to make some changes....

5. Website Globalization
The Internet has unlocked a wide array of markets and knocked down barriers that previously prevented merchants from marketing their products on a global scale. There are a number of ways to 'globalize' a website and broaden a businesses general appeal to...

6. Typeface Characteristics
The ASCII code set on which HTML was created includes only the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet and the most basic of punctuation..."Web pages often look as if they were created on an IBM Selectric."...