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21. Why Dedicated Hosting?

If you're reading this article, you might be interested in getting a dedicated server, or simply learning more about dedicated hosting services.

First of all, please note, that a dedicated server is rather expensive service, and you shouldn't ...

22. 7 Key Points to Consider When Choosing a Web Host
With literally thousands of web hosting companies in the industry all vieing for your business, carefully consider these key points to ensure you make the most well informed decision possible. ...

23. Choosing a Web Host
If you are anything like me, you’d probably like to have a website on the Internet but you just have no idea how to go about it....

24. How To Choose A Web Host
Many business people certainly don't look forward to the time when a suitable web hosting provider must be chosen. And they have good reasoning behind it. This article is all about the pros and cons of web hosting companies - including the scams ...

25. Choosing a Web Host Based on Price? Don't!
With all the offers of cut-rate web hosting, surely some money can be saved there. Or could cut-rate web hosting actually cost more?...

26. Get Your Branded Email Address Even Without a Website
You don't need a website to have a branded email address. You can have your very own, branded email address using a little known feature offered by most domain registrars, called email forwarding. ...

27. On a Budget? Finding a Web Host that Suits You
An individual or a business places a page on the host's server and people all over the world can access that page from their Web browser. But that, unfortunately, isn't all there is to it, especially when it comes to budget hosting. ...

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