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Design Principles and Considerations

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61. How Much Jargon Do You Use?
Don't use the jargon or technical wording unless you can explain it in plain English....

62. The Evolution of the Internet
Here are the 7 DEADLY SINS OF WEB DESIGN, which will have your viewers jumping away, quicker than a Lemming with a parachute. ...

63. Complete list of HTML entity escape characters
If you want to display certain characters such as > or literally on a web page, you need to know about entity characters...

64. Text Manipulation
Purists would argue that manipulating text into graphics in this way was detrimental to the web. It broke the fundamental rules that define exactly what a piece of text is and what an image is supposed to be. ...

65. Typeface Characteristics
The ASCII code set on which HTML was created includes only the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet and the most basic of punctuation..."Web pages often look as if they were created on an IBM Selectric."...

66. Typography Characteristics
Typography is so ubiquitous and all encompassing that it can be easily overlooked. This is the reason why it is so important....

67. Background to Web Design
For a website to compete effectively on the Web, it must firstly possess the visual criteria required to warrant initial investigation and secondly be useful enough for users to make return visits....

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