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Design Principles and Considerations

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51. What is a Graphic Designer / Web Designer?
Good question, let's find out....

52. Why should You care about your web site colors?
Simple tips for using colors on your web pages....

53. Weblogger Analysis
What will you learn from your webloggers and traffic?...

54. Creating A Quality Web Design
In this article, I will attempt to cover the basics of creating a great quality web design template for your site. Now it's a known fact that the layout or "eye candy" as I put it will determine whether your visitors will stay more than 15...

55. 7 Quick Tips For an Effective Website
Here are seven tips that you should keep in mind when building a website so that it looks professional....

56. Writing well for the web
A brief guide to explain how to write better content, to keep visitors on your site for longer....

57. Importance of Color in Web Design.
Color is an important element of Web design as it affects the mood of viewers. Website designers should treat the association of color as seriously as the design of graphics and layout....

58. "Best Viewed" Messages - Instruction or Excuse?
Are "best viewed" messages an instruction or excuse?...

59. IFRAMES and their Rising Popularity
The IFRAME element allows authors to insert a frame within a block of text. Inserting an inline frame within a section of text is much like inserting an object via the OBJECT element...

60. Recycling Web Designs
Designers love to create, at least the good ones, and designing is not just a job or something that feeds them. It is a passion....

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