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11. Writing effective ALT text for images
Simply inserting ALT text isn't necessarily enough to ensure accessible images - the text must also be effectively written. Find out how to achieve this......

12. Web Design: Keep it Simple
Your website is a direct reflection of your business. By implementing the following technical and practical tips you can make your website more user-friendly....

13. The secret benefit of accessibility part 1: Increased usability
Web accessibility has a huge number of benefits, one the main ones being increased usability. This article outlines some of the ways accessibility and usability overlap and how enhancing a website's accessibility can automatically improve its usability to...

14. Web Site Usability - What Visitors Want from Your Web Site
People who hit your Web site are most likely looking for one thing ? information ? and if they don?t find it within 10 seconds, they?re probably gone. Read on about how to craft a Web site strategy that effectively pulls in visitors and helps turn...

15. Linking out is good
Linking out to external websites is a great thing - it can enhance your website's usability, credibility and search engine ranking....

16. Writing Effective Link Text
Hypertext links are what connects web pages together and are at the very core of the Internet. As they're so important it's essential that your link text is effectively written and displayed - find out how....

17. Microsoft and Webmasters
What problems IE and Webmasters have currently with IE's unsupported stuff....

18. Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) & web accessibility
Find out all about the legal requirements for websites under the Disability Discimination Act...

19. Nine effective tips for improving your website?s usability
Web usability is one of the most important factor in web design. Learn the basics of imporving your website's usability...

20. Benefits of an accessible website - part 2: The business case
Not only can an accessible website make you more money, it'll also save you money. Find out how and why....

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