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Articles on the History of the Internet and World-Wide Web

1. Browser Wars
In mid-1994, Silicon Graphics founder Jim Clark collaborated with Marc Andreessen to found Mosaic Communications, which shortly after became Netscape Communications....

2. Connection Speed, Bandwidth and Download Time
Until recently, due to high cost, broadband was a luxury mainly confined to business users but its availability is increasing. "For the first time yet, broadband connections have accounted for more than half of all Internet connections in the US...

3. A Brief History of the World Wide Web
The Web as it is known colloquially, functions according to the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). Hypertext is perhaps the Web's most important feature for it enables all web content to be linked. ...

4. A Brief History of the Internet
The Internet was born out of a military research project funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) in the 1960s, whose goal was to devise a way of successfully transmitting information across large distances in the event of a nuclear attack....