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41. Think All the Good Domain Names are Taken?
New.net provides new tlds such as .family, .shop, .school, .free, .golf and many more. Some hot names are still available. Bargain.club was available at this writing....

42. RSS Reader is a life raft saving us from getting lost in a sea of useless information
Explanation of RSS Readers, their use and benefits for saving time and energy....

43. Personal Portfolios on the Internet
If you're an up and coming graphic/web designer just out of university, you'll know it's quite hard to break into the workforce. Now you can make your own on-line portfolio on the Internet...

44. Use the Internet to find old Friends
Find old friends and relatives using the Internet and services offerred by web sites....

45. Computers and web cams are taking communication to levels only imagined
One of the most incredible inventions I’ve ever come across is the web cam and its process of video conferencing. This is just so futuristic I can’t believe they really exist and are readily available to anyone wi...

46. The fearful, ignorant guy has got a blog on the Internet. It must be easy!
A short story highlighting how simple it is to create an online journal...

47. Dreams come true with the help of global consciousness on the Internet.
The Internet is bringing human society more closely together everyday. National boundaries turn out to be unnecessary, as knowledge and wisdom become the imperative of the people....

48. Web Hosts: Helping us navigate through this future techno-world.
If you are a small business, a major company, or just an individual looking to spread a message to the rest of the world, the Internet or World Wide Web is your necessary gate of entry....

49. Blogs: Online Journals
In the 21st century a strange new type of journal writing is becoming prevalent in contemporary society. Called Blogs, these are journals used by the masses....

50. Setting up Your First Website: The Basics
If you're one of the many people who are setting up, or about to setup, their first website, here's some important information that will help you get started....

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