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Search Engine Optimisation Techniques

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141. Avoiding Risky Tactics - A Long Term Approach to Search Engine Marketing
Ever since there have been search engines, there have been people who have used tricks to manipulate rankings....

142. Managing a Responsible Pay-Per-Click Campaign
Pay-Per-Click is a paid form of advertising, popularized mostly by the "search engine" Overture (formerly GoTo). The concept is fairly simple....

143. Building Link Popularity Improves Search Engine Ranking
This method of establishing importance, pioneered by the increasingly popular Google, is now used in some form by 19 of the top 20 search engines. ...

144. Styling Your Copy for Search Engines AND Visitors
Since all of the major search engines use the words that appear on web pages as an important factor in their ranking algorithms, it is important to make sure that you let the search engines know exactly what your pages are about....

145. Wading Through the Search Engine Myths
What follows is a few of the most prevalent search engine myths, followed by the facts as I understand them. ...

146. Selecting a Search Engine Optimization Company
There are many factors to consider when selecting a search engine optimization company. Many businesses that haven't previously used SEO to promote themselves are unsure how to evaluate potential vendors. ...

147. Paid URL Inclusion- Is It For You?
Many people are unsure how paid URL inclusion works, and it is an interesting and sometimes controversial concept. ...

148. Addressing the Search Term
It is fairly common knowledge that the words that appear on web pages are one factor in the way that those pages are ranked in individual search engines....

149. With One Sweep, Yahoo Regains Search Engine Dominance
Monday July 14th may very well go down in history as the day that the Search Engine industry grew up and finally gained the respect it so deserved....

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