Images: How to make them to load fast on your web pages?

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1. Use .gifs rather than .jpgs. GIFs are smaller in size when compared
to JPGs.

2. Use 'Height' and 'Width' tags for your images. So while page loading
certain place is left for the images and visitor can go through the
content while images are loading.

3. If you are using large images, slice them up and make them load as
part after part. For this you can use img tags like HSPACE=0 and VSPACE=0.

4. Use image compression software that reduce image size. Remember, the
more you reduce your image size more will be the loss of quality.

5. If you have lot of images to display, then put them on different pages
by linking the pages like 'Next Image >' or something like that instead
of a long page with 10 images.

6. Use same image over and over again if you need a similar image. Like
if you are keeping a big header graphic on every page of your web site.
Then use same graphic to link to all pages on your web site.

7. Flash presentations, mouse overs, animations etc increase page download
time. So if you can use html instead of these, go with it.

Publication Date: Tuesday 25th May, 2004
Author: Radhika Venkata View profile

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