Gradient tool in Photoshop

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Gradent tool in Photoshop

Applying Gradient effect in pictures would professionalize your site. But most of the time when we apply gradient effect, we don't get much clarity. To overcome this difficulty. Follow the steps given below.

Step 1:

1. Open Adobe Photoshop.

2. Set the size of image as 200 X 35 size in pixel.Fig1.1

3.Using Rectangular Marquee tool (M) Draw a rectangle.Fig1.2

4. Select the New Layer Option from the Layer Window. Fig1.3

5. Select the two colors from the toolbox as shown in the figure Fig1.4.

6.Using the Rectangular Tool drag and draw a rectangle in the workspace as shown in figure Fig1.5.

7. Select the Gradient tool from the Toolbox if Paint Bucket is available right click and change it to Gradient tool. Fig1.6

8. Click and Drag within the selected rectangle area as shown in the figure Fig1.7.

9. You will get a gradient as shown in the figure Fig1.8

10. Click File -> Save as ->

11. Import the Image as Jpg or gif.

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Publication Date: Tuesday 25th May, 2004
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