What Is A Graphic Designer/Web Designer Part 2

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This is how I try to get people to understand or relate in "non-geek" terms to what I do for them ... In a sense I'm a building contractor (the person who is physcially building their store). I need the client to provide me with some kind of plan as to how they want the structure (the physical building) of the store to look. I also like for them to suggest to me "feeling" words which they want their customers to "feel" when they walk into the store. That helps me come up with a style suitable to their vision; (After all, they know their product/service better than I do; I doubt they'd want afrilly theme going into an auto repair site, right?)

After I construct the building (the site) they need to advertise it just like they would a physical real-world store. Sure, I can do some of this for them (although I don't know any building contractors that do this) but the overall success of their site is their responsibility just like any physical store.

Now, before any of this is done, they need to contact a real estate agent to lease (domain host) some property to have the store built on. (I can provide this too, and I rather doubt a building contractor would.)

Then after the building is up looking real vacant, they need to provide me their "stuff" to fill it with (brochure contents) ... of course, most building contractors I know don't do this either, so I'm wearing several hats now which makes me "VALUABLE", right?

Any great deal of "text" must be supplied to me either through email or diskette. I'm a designer - not a secretary, therefore my typing fee is much higher than my design fee.  Because I don't want to type, and if the client is serious about going online, then they'll find a secretary that will put it on a floppy or pay me extra to do it.

Publication Date: Thursday 8th April, 2004
Author: Hussain R. Sawalha View profile

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