What is a web design?

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What is a web design?

Excellent website design allows users to find the information they need with ease while at the same time being visually appealing. Placing things like advertisements on your website could drastically harm the effectiveness of your website's design, hindering the success of your business!

Planning is imperative

Are you considering building a website? Do you know where to start? You will need to know exactly what you want from your website through careful planning. You must carefully think about the copy you will provide the designer as this is not only what your clients will be reading, but what the search engines pick up. Write all of your thoughts and research down so that you can reflect upon it as you go along. The best and most successful websites utilize careful planning to ensure that they have a successful website. Asking other people for their opinion is very important as this is the best way to improve upon what you currently have.

Viewing your website in a different way

Websites aren't automatically responsive on your iPhone or iPad. You must ensure that your website is built in a fashion that allows responsiveness. More and more people are using websites to shop while on the move with their mobile devices, so having a responsive website is a must! You must also ensure that your website works in different web browsers. Ask your designer for a list of web browsers that the website will work in and test them all once it is done. You will often find that websites that work in internet browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari might not work in Internet Explorer. If you would like your website to work in Internet explorer, or other less up to date browsers, you must ask your developer to meet these requirements.

Computer language and software

In order to build a website, you or your developer will need to have some sound knowledge of computer languages. These languages include HTML, CSS, Java and more. Use a combination of these to create a great website. During the course of the build you are more than likely to come across a problem in the code which you will have to overcome for the website to function correctly, building a website isnít a straight forward process and it takes skilled individuals to work together to ensure that the outcome is of the best quality possible.

To write this code, all you need is a text editor. At Create Click, we use Sublime Text 2, but you can use Notepadd++ or even just the regular Notepad (although it's not recommended considering Notepad++ is free).

What would you need to make a website?

You will need access to bespoke design software such as Adobeís Creative Suite to design a website as well as spending time to master your digital skills until you become a digital wizard. Once you have the skills to create the visuals of the website you must got on to learn computer language, start off with HTML and CSS (There are plenty of tutorials online for you to follow) and then move on to the more complex languages. The key to building a successful website is consistency, continue to practice your skills daily and eventually all the time that you put in will have paid off.

Should you do it yourself or hire a web designer?

At the end of the day this comes down to whether or not you have the time available; It is a great hobby to take up but it can take a long time to gather all of the skills that you need to build a sound and professional website. Traditionally it is said that it takes a minimum of five years to master a trade. The benefit of going to a design agency would be that you have a team of designers who will all bounce ideas and skills off of each other to get the job done and meet your requirements. At Create Click we are happy to help and guide people in the right direction when it comes to learning web design and we can also provide free quotes.

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Publication Date: Tuesday 6th August, 2013

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