The Day My Laptop was Stolen Almost Killed My Business?..

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Copyright 2004 Harald Anderson

One of the worst feelings I have ever had was the day my laptop was stolen. The laptop can be replaced. However the loss of critical DATA was the biggest risk my business has ever faced.

When I recovered from the experience I asked myself the question….”what can I learn from this disaster?” The lesson is simple, loss of data is the largest threat to business survival.

There is nothing that can prepare you for the feeling of loss and the dread that comes with knowing that your personal data is gone forever. While it is very inconvenient and can be very expensive to replace the laptop itself, NOTHING can replace the hours of hard work that is represented by the data stored on a modern computers hard disk drive.

Whether you own a laptop for personal use, or have one for business reasons, there are many, many, items that are sitting there on your hard drive that are simply priceless. We don’t often think about the little bits of ones and zeros etched into a spinning magnetic plate as being critical elements in our lives, but no matter what you use a computer for, you most likely have literally megabytes (at least) or even gigabytes of data that you can not afford to lose.

For personal computer users there are mp3 play lists, emails, personal photo albums, and other important files that we all save on our hard disks. For the professional computer user, the stakes are higher…perhaps it’s the accounting data for your company’s 3rd quarter earnings, the PowerPoint presentation you will be giving to the CEO on Thursday afternoon, or the proposal that needs to be sent to the European office A.S.A.P. These “intangible” bits of data play a critical role in our professional and personal lives, whether we like it or not.

Even the most experienced of computer users can take for granted their personal data stockpiles. This is where data backup storage comes into play. No matter how careful you are with your hardware there is always the potential for disaster to strike and rob you of your critical information, and the best way to ensure the integrity of your data and the hard work it represents is a well thought out online secure data backup solution.

By securing your data using an online secure data backup provider you are ensuring that your data is safe not only from circumstances beyond your control, such as laptop theft or natural disasters, but also safe from user error and prying eyes. An online secure data backup solution keeps your data safe and sound in a secure, offline location and is as simple to set up as the applications you are used to installing on your machines.

If the safety of your critical files is important to you, you should consider using an online secure data backup for your important mission critical files.
Don’t let a disaster strike before you start thinking about remote data backup…

Your DATA is your LIFE. Protect it!

Publication Date: Wednesday 8th December, 2004
Author: Harald Anderson View profile

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